Monday, November 2, 2015


You know how people say how we all have our skeletons in the closet or our scars that still have not completely healed... We tend to forget that. We tend to forget how everyone has their own stories and life changing experiences that they went through to shape them into who they are now. We tend to forget that these stories and experiences could maybe affect how they act, to the decisions they make.

From those who lost their parents at a young age, to those who have been sexually abused and even people who had their heart broken.

And maybe sometimes we won't agree with others, with the decisions they make, with how they treat others, but maybe we forget that they have been through so much that could cause them to act like that.

I'm not saying that stories and experiences can justify whatever wrong people did, but I'm sure we could all understand each other better when we know their stories. And I'm not saying that we should dig up their darkest secrets or probe into their lives.

I'm saying that maybe we need to remember.
We need to remember that we've all been broken, we've all been through pain that has shaped us into who we are now.

And to less emotional and vague matters, I am half-dead due to Linear Algebra, and I wish I was smarter in mathematics.
And also playing Uno for more than an hour with your friends is definitely a must thing to do if you're not into parties.

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