Friday, September 25, 2015

Gasping for Air

It has been barely three weeks since I arrived in Ann Arbor and I swear I am like... gasping for air.
Well first of all, the amount of workload every week is just, wow. I am seriously drowning with the homework and readings (as if I do the readings anyway psh). But then, I guess the workload comes with the 18 credits I'm taking, which isn't actually as bad as it sounds.

And I now have two jobs. One at the math lab and one at the dining hall. And I am fine, people, working only 10 hours a week so that's good.

The actual reason I'm drowning is because of my P exam this Saturday! And yes, it does look bad for me that I am updating my blog when really I should be studying the shit out of the P manual, but a girl needs her break. (This is also a hint for you to pray for me). I honestly doubt that I'll pass and I'm questioning myself if it is really worth it to skip my classes and losing my sleep cause of this, but I think even if I fail, I'll know that at least I tried. Rather than failing without trying at all, that's a bigger loss I think.

But life here has been okay. A whole new year ahead of me. And while at times I may get a little (a lot) sad thinking about the people (... okay fine, person) who left, I need to move on with life. And even though I am barely breathing, what with workload and work and the extra-curricular activities, I wouldn't have it any other way (actually, I'd prefer to not have to work lol).

Also in other news I have moved houses! Which is a big improvement on my life here since I can wake up half an hour before class and still make it, compared to having to wake up an hour before class last year. My house is now 5 minutes away from campus and happy does not even begin to describe my feelings about this lol. And really I'd post pictures of my house but we actually have not settled down completely yet. There're still some unwanted boxes and things lying around the house. (Sometimes all I'm thinking is, takde orang pun nak tengok tau sebenarnya gambar so why bother, but whatevs man)

Anyways, to anyone who is reading, have a great school year ahead/working life!

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