Thursday, September 3, 2015


The first few weeks I was back home, I seriously questioned myself on my decision to come back to Malaysia for the summer. There wasn't much that I was coming back to. I already met my family in the States just a week before and I talked to my friends all the time through whatsapp and etc. Maybe I should've just travelled in the States over the summer?

But now, just a few hours before my flight, I think I'm grateful that I decided to come back. It's not that I didn't know just how pleasant being with family is, but I guess sometimes I forget that warmth that fills your heart when you're out just for dinner with family, or during raya when the whole big family get together and just talk about everything. And my friends. It's not like I didn't know just how great they are, but I think I forgot what it felt like to be around people who you are just super comfortable with, who know you so much, who shared a childhood with you.

And now, I appreciate being home so much more than I did last year. When I boarded the plane back to Malaysia and left Ann Arbor two months ago, I felt like I was leaving home, just because I felt that Ann Arbor has become more of a home to me and Malaysia feels like a strange, unfamiliar place. But actually, I have been reminded that Malaysia will always be my ultimate home, and at the same time, I'm happy to still feel like I'm going back hoMe tonight. So I guess I have two homes now (and you have no idea how warm I feel when I think about it)

Let's just hope the opposite does not happen - as in I feel like I'm returning home but then AA turns out to be a strange place for me (I highly doubt it though).

Anyway wish me luck for my sophomore year! Excited and nervous brr.

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