Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kak Ros

Kak Ros has worked at my house for a long time already. I didn't realize it until the day before raya when I had to send her to my grandma's house and she told me she has worked at my house since my sister was still breastfeeding. And that was when I was still in high school, like before I went to MRSM. She's not my 'bibik', but she comes to my house 2 times a week and sometimes on special occasions (open house etc.) to help around the house.

I have always admired the way she did her work. You don't get a lot of good maids but she definitely is. She does her work really quick and she never complains. Even during Ramadhan, she fasts and does her work as usual. I've always liked her.

And when I was sending her to my grandma's house, I asked about her (recent) marriage and where she met her husband etc.
This normal conversation I had with her contained all sorts of life lessons and advice.

1. The unconventional way of meeting her husband. She got to know him through Facebook - after he accidentally called her (salah nombor and all). And she told me how unexpected it all was. And it's not like she wasn't hesitant or suspicious about being friends with a complete stranger through Facebook, she took the steps to ensure that he really did exist.

2. Kak Ros works as a maid in Selangor, and her husband works (if I'm not mistaken) at construction sites in Seremban. And of course, they don't live wealthily but she said her husband and her always tell each other that they need to keep working hard and simpan sikit sikit for their future family.

3. Before marrying her husband, she mentioned that she did have some sort of relationship with a guy and they did sort of have plans to get married but she kept waiting for him but nothing was ever set. And she said how she decided to go ahead and marry her current husband instead of waiting for something that she wasn't sure was going to happen.

4. Kak Ros kept repeating how thankful she is for everything. How she thinks she got someone who is better for her - in a way that was so unexpected.

And after the conversation, I realized how different the worlds in which Kak Ros and I live in. I see how she does not strive to be rich or wish for expensive material things but she is happy with how she and her husband are working hard right now - no matter how hard it is to be living so far from each other - to help their family survive, to build a house for their children and etc. But she inspired to me so much, she inspired me to always work hard for the things we want. I really really respect her attitude and how hardworking/rajin she is. She never once complained about her life when she was talking about it with me. And for that she has become one of my idols.

I also realized how God has planned everything out for each of us, and while we might think that everything sucks right now, He probably has something better in store.
And as cliche as that sounds, it really hit me that whatever I'm going through right now, it's probably for the better, and I'll find my own happiness someday.

I'm happy that I decided to send her to my grandma's house that evening. She gave me a new perspective in life, and for that I am thankful.

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