Monday, October 14, 2013

The Worst Girlfriend

Sometimes, people tell me how lucky someone would be to have me. Someone even called me the ideal girl. No, I'm not trying to boast. But, everytime someone says that, I can't help but snigger at the comment. Because you have no idea how bad I would be as someone's girlfriend/wife

For 1,
I am The Overly Attached Girlfriend. I'd want to know what he's doing, where he is all the time. I'm not even kidding. And if he doesn't tell me one single detail, I'd go all ballistic and emotional. I'd tell him that he doesn't care about me and stuff and that is enough to make a guy freak out.

As if that ain't enough, I'm also The Controlling Girlfriend. You want to wear shorts? NO YOU CAN'T, THAT'S AURAT. You want to go out lepak at night? GO ON IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME MERAJUK. You want to be friendly with other girls? YOU DON'T LIKE ME ANYMORE. Abide by my rules, baru I happy hahahah.

The Make-You-Rimas Girlfriend probably describes me as well. If he upsets me, I expect him to pujuk me. If he doesn't? I spam his whatsapp/message inbox with messages saying how hurt I am and bla bla bla. I send around 100 (or more). Then I'll call him till he picks up. And if he upsets me again, I'll hang up but then I'll call him back just to tell him how hurt I am and stuff.

I can also be The Insecure Girlfriend. Oh I would just tell him how much I hate myself. I would tell him that I don't think I'm pretty or smart and that he can find some other girl much better than me. And it doesn't happen rarely. I'd probably do it every single day. Cause that's how bad I am.

The Unforgiving Girlfriend. Which means I would say that I forgive his mistakes but inside, I haven't. I would talk about his past mistakes over and over again and just not let it go. If I make a mistake, I would talk about his again. I just won't let myself forgive and forget his wrongdoings.

If people knew how scary and annoying I am, they'd probably run away. I would be the worst girlfriend ever. I am just so frustrating and my future husband would probably feel like throwing things around because of how frustrating I am. Which makes me scared of getting married. Because I'm scared he would run away and find someone else (insecure girlfriend alert!)

But well, everyone has their weaknesses. The important thing is to accept your other half's weaknesses and find someone who will tolerate with yours. And well, reflect upon yourself and try improve yourself.

And thank you to horsey for tolerating with my ridiculous behaviours :P


  1. Tidak mengejutkan sangat all the statement di atas. Capricorn kut. Hahahaha ... tapi kita cepat sedar diri. Tak mengapa.

    1. hahahahaha aunty sama ke. yeah betul betul, lepastu minta maaf hehehe

  2. i like this post. tells the truth, like seriously, sometimes we do that and pening kepala bf melayan kerenah kita. haha. ok not sometimes, but all the time. :D

  3. HAHAHAAAA mcm ni Susu rupanya. Ehh salah. Macam ni org yg bernama Farhana rupanyaaa :p