Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Me: Teacher, I forgot to solat jamak zuhur and asar just now…
Miss Alia: Cause you feel at home right…


I just came back from MRSM TGB to settle all my documents and recommendation letters for university applications, as I will, insha Allah, be flying to the US.

And it felt… nice.
Most people who know me would know how much I despised being in TGB. I hated being constricted to a schedule. I disliked the environment. I felt like I was hated there. My self-esteem crashed tremendously and I was just scared of everyone. I just… wished I wasn't there most of the time.

But going back proved that I still loved that place no matter what. TGB taught me some major life lessons that I keep till now. It was where I learnt who I was. I learnt how to attend to problems with maturity and positively.

As soon as I stepped out of the car and headed towards the office, the juniors called my name. Everywhere I went, the Form 5s would say hi and smile at me and a vast majority would call "Kak Susu!" and shook my hand. Haha, I was so shocked that a lot of them remembered me.
Then, the teachers. It was so nice to see the people who helped me immensely for 2 years and taught me A LOT. Not only did they teach me chemistry, math, physics and stuff, they taught me life lessons. They were like our mothers and fathers and you won't get that in college anymore.

Even though I spent most of my time in TGB being depressed, I guess going there was good for me. It was where I grew up. It witnessed my tears. I learnt to survive without depending on anyone. It was where I learnt to wash my clothes. It was where I learnt that not everyone will be nice to you if you are nice to them. It was where I discovered myself.

If I was given a chance to go back, I sure as hell would not.
But being there for 7 hours made me feel at home. It gave me this odd tranquility that you feel once you step inside your home.
And I guess I just realized how much TGB means to me. I just realized how at home I feel there.

Only after 10 months do I wish to sincerely express my gratitude to be an ex-TGBian. Because without TGB, I would never become the person I am now.


  1. :') Somehow, post Susu kali ni buat Sayy sebak. Waaa~ Sedih. Yes, TGB taught us a lot of stuff. Lots of bitter but not to mention sweet memories created there. I miss you la Susu!

    1. mihihi true true.. can't deny the sweet ones. I miss you too sayy <3

  2. Susu , so fast university application ? :O

  3. The US? Where?! What are you taking?

    P.S: John Green is with me.

    1. Neighbour,

      I'm currently enrolled in the ADFP programme at INTEC. Actuarial sc.
      I shall go to your house tomorrow to pick it up!

  4. Tak payahlah pick up... let it stay with me for a few days mueheheh. no seriously it's okay i'll send it over

  5. I told u susu..tgb will be a sacred place for u, be sure to come back one day n tell the kids how tgb would turn them into someone new, especially gogo kids like u in form 4-miss A