Friday, October 11, 2013

Indelible Part 3


I met Dahlia on the first day at INTEC. It was after Maghrib, and I haven't eaten my food yet. So I went out of the surau to eat and Dahlia was there with this other girl (can't remember her name lol) sitting at a table, and they were talking in English. And I was like, in my head, "oh, cool girls who would probably not like me".
I kind of wanted to talk to them, but I was scared lol, especially of Dahlia.

But I sat a few seats away, and I said something. I don't particularly remember what and what happened after that is currently blurred in my mind, but I remember while I was eating, Dahlia came and sat in front of me and asked me what my name was. And after that we just started talking.

To be honest, it was nerve-wrecking. I was scared that she wouldn't like me.

But, being around her - I could be myself. I made stupid jokes, which she actually laughed at. She made equally weird jokes, which I laughed at. We were both, weird. And it was comfortable.

It's been a few months since that first day. And now, we sit next to each other in class.

Dahlia and I. We're not really friends who share the same interests. As in, we don't like the same movies, we don't like the same music, we don't like the same tv shows. We barely talk about those kinds of stuff. We have fun together, laugh together, share stupid stories, make lame jokes and just be there for each other :3

Dahlia is one of the few people who laughs at the lame jokes I make. She is one of the few who doesn't make fun of me liking k-pop (and that's kind of a first). She is one of the few who really know me. She's a really special friend. She pays for my food and drinks without thinking twice. And she gave me a really nice shawl for raya.

She's one of my favourite person at intec and I'm seriously glad to have met her. Thank you Allah for letting me meet this girl.

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