Monday, March 25, 2013

Wonderful Emotions.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Okay, I had a wonderful (most wonderful) day yesterday. *deep breath.
I thought I'd like to share it hihihi. I am so thankful to Allah for my tremendously amazing day.

So um. Cough. The day I got my SPM results, Sadiq's mom told me to tell her my results and so I did. She then said that she wanted to treat me. I honestly thought she was kidding, but then I whatsapped Sadiq's sister (Mimi) who's also my tuition student. She told me that her mom wanted to bring me out to dinner.

So we set the date on Sunday. I initially thought it was just going to be aunty, Mimi (and possibly Sadiq), but then it turned out the whole family was going (including their grandma). I was nervous as hell thinking about it haha.

Yesterday morning I got ready and stuff and by 10.50 I was all ready and sitting downstairs trying not to think. Mimi then whatsapped me and stuff saying I should chill. And then I was so scared that I looked like a makcik so I (at the last minute) changed my whole outfit. Nasib baik diorang tak sampai lagi.

Me: Oi cuak nak mati ya Allah. Nak mati jap.
Mimi: Ehh jangan laa. Chill! Kitaorang bukan gorilla.
Me: Hahaha, tangan sejuk gila
Mimi: Hahaha, cool down.

Ok yes, I was so so so so so so nervous I felt like my heart could stop. And I really couldn't believe that my mom let me go I mean it's of course not something moms would easily give permission to... for my mom at least.

So then they arrived so I was like k I actually held my mom's hand masa nak keluar rumah because I was so so so scared. Then aunty keluar kereta cakap nak belanja I sekejap and my mom told me to behave then I went in the car then boom.

Ok no boom, it was alright. Aunty was so nice, she talked to me and all. And I was okay with Mimi so it wasn't SO awkward but I was of course all shy shy. I am not my best friend, Farhanah who is talkative and so peramah. Aunty belanja dim sum at Quality hotel and it was so delicious like seriously. I tak pernah makan dim sum dekat Malaysia actually so Alhamdulillah dapat rasa.

I was so full I felt like my stomach could explode, dahlah memang terbiasa makan sikit but then we managed to finish most of it. Everyone was just so full. So it was all okay. And maktok diorang was just so unintentionally funny cause of the things she said. After lunch we went to masjid shah alam for Zuhur :3
Then they didn't know where to go but Mimi said she wanted to go to Uniqlo so we went to One Utama teehee and uncle wanted to buy me something so aunty told me to pick something.

I was like aunty takpayah aunty but she kept insisting so then Mimi tolong I pilih so I picked a blue cardigan hihi ugh it was just so nice of uncle. I was blushing like mad sebab I really didn't want uncle to belanja me ahah Sadiq laughed masa aunty told him uncle wanted to buy me something. So then diorang nak pergi minum petang, I couldn't believe that cause I was so fulllllllllll but then we did pergi Rasamas yang dekat BBSB tu. Aunty belanja I tiramisu lol banyak kan aunty belanja?

So then it was time to go home but singgah rumah diorang sekejap cause aunty wanted to give my mom pisang tanduk (in my heart I was happy cause dari haritu lagi my mom wanted pisang tanduk). And I met Dora the cat who I always hear of and she was so adorable hihi.

Then they sent me back and I was ecstatic cause I had a good day. Aunty was just so so nice and uncle too. The whole family was nice to me. Aunty siap bagi lecture about sunnah semua and that we have to follow sunnah kalau tak boleh jadi bid'ah. And she invited my family to go to hadith and tafsir classes dekat rumah Johan (Sadiq's cousin). Aunty is such a lemah lembut person and I really like her :)

The end.

Haha no it was not the end of my great day. Masa balik tu I told my mom I wanted to buy clothes cause I saw some which were really nice so then we went to One Utama. But before that pergi makan Muhibbah dekat Sungai Penchala. IT WAS SO SEDAP I AM NOT KIDDING.
I have never eaten daging and ayam that was just so extremely lembut! Ya Allah alhamdulillah. Sedap gila ok hahah.

Then pergi Ou kan... we went to Mac store and abah bought me a Macbook Air. Ok alhamdulillah sangat sangat because I've been wanting it for so long. Last year I asked my mom if I could have a Macbook if I attained straight A+. And they granted my wish ya Allah alhamdulillah :D
And we went to Uniqlo to buy some clothes hihi. So by that time it was already 9.30 nearing 10. So yes I am nearing to my end of the day...

The day concluded with me driving home (for just a quarter of the journey haha) and I was just so tired and I am so thankful to Allah. Ya Allah thanks for those who made my day such a great one. I will never ever forget this :)

So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me. (2:152)


  1. Mana gambar susu yg comel tu ! XD

    1. gambar apa wak. Kita tak amik gambar masa ni hihi

  2. Alaaa gmbr susu+sadiq=sudiq xp

    1. kita tak pernah ambik lagi gambar dengan dia :)

  3. Tipuuuu ada dekat instagram xp

    1. hahah, tu buat collage sayang. tak pernah ada dalam satu gambar sesama :)