Thursday, March 21, 2013

All praise to Allah

Alhamdulillah. In my heart I am just scared to stop repeating praises to Him because I know that I do not deserve what Allah has given me. I haven't exactly been a good girl, yet Allah still gives all these wonderful things in life.

Maybe to remind me. To remind me to go back to the right path. To remind me to stop committing sins.
May I always remember to be a good girl, who obeys all the commands of Allah s.w.t.

And I would like to congratulate ALL my friends who have gained good results. Do remember who gave it to you.

Thanks so much to my parents for the endless support and my mom for comforting me everytime I feel down. Thanks to all my teachers for all the knowledge you've given me. Thanks to Sadiq, Farhanah, Iman, Asma, Khairin, Syafikah, Nina, Fawwaz, Afiq for always being there for me, always lending me your ears whenever I feel lonely and sad.
Thanks so much to my TGB batchmates, I love you guys.

We have a long way ahead of us, so keep on trying keep on working for what you want in life. Tapi jangan lupa akhirat pula, which is WAY MORE important.
Sentiasa niatkan setiap perkara yang kita lakukan kerana Allah.

Good luck to all my batchmates in your future lives. May we all succeed in dunya and akhirah.
I am so proud of TGB for (alhamdulillah) getting No. 1 in Malaysia!

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