Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SPM 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

SPM. I have left SPM for 4 months now, and honestly, it's a huge relief.
I worked so hard for SPM. So when I get my results, Insha Allah I'll be thankful. The thing I am most scared of, is not getting results which aren't straight As, but that I won't be thankful for what I'll be receiving.
I'm scared that I'll be depressed which I shouldn't be because Allah has given me so much already.

So I'm reminding myself NOW, that no matter the outcome, it won't affect my future.
It won't help me in attaining Allah's love, it won't help me during akhirah when I have to answer Allah's questions. Allah won't even ask how many As I'll receive for SPM.

So my fellow batchmates, don't you fret if you don't receive what you dreamt for. May the results we'll be receiving in less than 24 hours initiate our will to do better.
Be thankful and remember that the results do not determine your success in life.
Don't torture yourself because of it, don't kill yourself because of it. Heck you could get 9Ds, but if you have a will to drive yourself to success, then I'm sure you will find a way.

We have a long way ahead after this.
I pray for our success in dunya and akhirah and may we all attain Allah's mercy and love, insha Allah.

In 5 years, insha Allah I'll be holding a degree in actuarial science, biiznillah.
Good luck to all SPM-ers 2012, may you all be thankful for whatever result you receive.

Dania, Tasha, Miss Alia, me and Haziyah right after the accounts paper :)

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