Monday, February 11, 2013

The Little Things

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
I won't let these little things, slip out of my mouth
Those are part of the lyrics from One Direction's 'Little Things'. I don't really know what it means though hahah.

There was once in Form 3, I had to walk home with my brother because my mom went somewhere. My house isn't particularly close. Hmm, 5km away maybe? Well I'm not sure but those living in BRP would understand that walking home wasn't THAT safe. Ahmad Shahir, who was my senior/close friend was completely outraged by the idea. He kept telling me not to walk home and tumpang someone instead. He told me that non-stop. I was getting annoyed by then because I really thought it was nothing (walking home I mean) since I had my brother anyway. But he still didn't let me go so we walked home anyway. And he, being the over-caring person he is, followed us and teman us for a bit and he still kept membebeling at me. He teman-ed us till Petronas and he told us to be careful. He shouted to my brother to take care of me and to run if someone attacked.

In Form 4, when I was in MRSM, I received a letter from Asma. And there was also a paper filled with my old classmates and friends' messages. When I read them, I was instantly happy and I smiled for the whole day.

There was this one time in Form 5, when I had an addiction to cocopie and I just HAD to tell everyone that I wanted cocopie. I really craved for it and wished I had a locker full of it. That night, I returned to my room, and there were two cocopies on my bed. I was just so ecstatic, euphoric, *insert more synonyms here*. I was like \^_^/ I genuinely thought Allah sent them to me hahahaha, and of course He was the one who gave it to me, but through Fairuz Syima.

There's this girl who said I'm her idol. When I read what she said, I felt like crying. Because,

  • I'm not that good of a person. I still commit countless sins.
  • I don't think I cover my aurah perfectly yet.
  • There are just so many better role models than me (Aina Nadhirah, Fatin Munirah, Adreena etc etc)

But most of all, I cried because she made me feel like I'm worth something, that I'm better than what I think. Memang pujian itu racun, but in this case, it gave me spirit to improve myself even more. It made me want to be worthy to be called a role model.

Throughout my life, there have been so many beautiful people, teaching me lessons and giving me moments to remember. There are so many more little things that I will forever treasure. And I thank Allah for blessing me with these people. 

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