Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TOF 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
I miss Twins of Faith so much. I had so much fun there, I swear. Everytime I watch Raudhah on TV9 and see all the sheikhs and nasheed artists giving comments about Islam, I feel an enormous hole in my heart. I long to be there again, among all my sisters and brothers who have gathered together to gain knowledge and together increase our iman.

I felt an incomprehensible warmth when I was there. I could see the unity among us and I could see why Islam prospered during the times of our prophet and his sahabah. The love among each other was so strong and the country was built on such a strong foundation of love and respect towards each other. Unlike the world now, where all the politicians are bashing each other and all.
None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself (Al-Bukhari)
The amazing thing about Islam is that, you can come from any country, whether China, Japan, America,  or anywhere else, but you can feel a special connection with them. That is one of the main reasons why I feel so blessed to be a Muslim.

Anyway, I wanted to post some really good quotes I got from TOF.

We should love Allah by doing what Allah loves - Sheikh Daood Butt 
Obligations become pleasure when we love Allah - Sheikh Omar Suleiman
Loving Allah s.w.t. gives you a strength that nothing else can give you - Sh Omar Suleiman
Allah s.w.t never shuts the door on people who are seeking Him - Sh Omar Suleiman 
Allah's mercy supercedes his anger - Sh. Abdul Rahman Chao
The best form of dakwah is good character - Sh Omar Suleiman
Live in the way that those who don't know God but know you will know God through knowing you - Sh. Omar Suleiman
It is the remembrance of Allah that gives life to our hearts - Sh. Abdurraheem Green
Everything good you intend to do for the sake of Allah can be an act of worship - Sh Abdurrahman Murad
The one who repents from a sin is like a person who has never sinned - Sh Omar Suleiman
Hide your good deeds just like we hide our sins - Sh Abdurraheem Green 

I hope everyone benefited from the quotes in some way. Remember dears, Allah loves us all. Don't you ever forget that. If you feel far from Allah, remember that Allah has never moved an inch.


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