Monday, January 7, 2013



It seems like so many of the TGBians have gone off to college already for fast-track programme, and some have gone off to PLKN. Half of the remainder are working now. I am one of the few who is still at home duduk goyang kaki. sighs.

I recently applied for a job as a data entry clerk at RHB. I'm not putting much hope on it. Allah will give me what's best. And now all I'm doing is just trying to get my driving license. I went for the kursus amali yesterday and it was okay except for the part when my engine died aha. Thanks to Cik Iti for teaching me how to drive beforehand.

So yeah, all I'm doing now is fattening myself up. I think I might just be baking everyday because there's nothing else to do.
My weight has increased a lot but I don't give a crap anymore. As long as I'm healthy haha.

Darn it, my life is so interesting hahaha.

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