Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yes I still hate the school but the people there - I will definitely miss them.
My classmates; though sometimes I wish they'd disappear, most of the times I'd look at them and I know I'll miss them when school's over.
My roommates; we've had arguments, we've all felt mad at each other, but we are one of the rooms who are tight with each other.
Sarah, Najwa, Alin, Dalilah, Farah, Jannah, Syima; they've all been there for me when times get hard.
Fatin, Iza, Sahera, Aina; my ex-BRPians who will always listen to my complains and chatter.

And all the other TGB-ians who I most dearly love.

Formal dinner at Hotel Renaissance, Melaka. Kembara Terbilang at Lambaian Danau. Graduation Day. Nights with my girls. Moments in class. All treasured and kept forever.

This is a video my classmates made:

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