Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sometimes, you don't realise how much God has given you.
Sometimes you don't realise you're going the wrong way.
Sometimes you don't realise what you received was best for you.

I'm still an immature, callow youth and there's much I haven't learned. But what I have learnt was that all those people, results, food, wealth don't mean a thing. Sometimes I forget, but I try to remind myself.
Sometimes I stop, and I think. All these things, these things we're so worried about, don't mean anything.
I've come to realise over the past year that what matters most is your relationship with Allah.

You could be freaking rich, or you could be shit genius, but without Allah, your life is empty.

He was the one who kept me going on in the years before I came here. I perservered in this place I hate so much because of Him. I know all those people who talk about me don't mean anything as long as I have Him and all my true friends around me.
I am so far from perfect and make the most stupid mistakes, but Dania reminded me that it doesn't matter as long as I'm always trying to change.
Farhanah tirelessly reminds me that she loves me and so many other people know the real me.
Sadiq is always there to advise me to be a good girl.
Mom is always there to give support.
And what's most important is that Allah is always there to listen, and in some way, comforts me.

Though I complain and despise this place, I've learnt so much about life. I've met so many people who inspired me to change. I've learnt to not be too sensitive and a little patient.

mihihi emotional nya -.-'

You could be sad and depressed of all the things that you have to face, or you could be bold and confident that you're better than what they tell you.

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