Monday, September 24, 2012

Life is like a wheel

That's what Haziyah frequently tells me. Hidup macam roda.
Trial MARA is over and boyyy was it dkxfjgnsdklhglekahglsghlh, just awesome *with a tone full of sarcasm you wouldn't think I was being sarcastic*

I freaking broke down after getting one of the papers but I quickly realised how stupid it is. I should be thankful.

"Mentor ingat tak ayat dalam surah al-Baqarah tu dia cakap, tak semestinya apa kita nak bagus untuk kita, and tak semestinya yang kita taknak tak bagus untuk kita"
                                          - Haziyah

Fish it, I'm okay. I have to stop being so materialistic. I'm good enough.

Anyway, 4 weeks of school has passed. SPM in another 42 (?) days. I'm pretty excited - not because SPM is close but because school is finishing.
I can't freaking wait to get out of this prison-like school.
There are only two things I'll miss about this school; being close to Allah, the people in it (not the vast majority but maybe 10% of the school population)
My roommates, my classmates, Sarah, Najwa, Farah, Nana, Ecah, Jannah, the BWPs, Alin, Dalilah. Oh them, who are 'sekepala' with me. Them who don't judge too quick. Them who can accept my weaknesses and support me.

I still haven't come to love this school, but I guess it's not as torturing.
And as my school life is coming to a close, I've found some aspirations to fulfill. It's time for me to go on and be a great woman who serves the nation (LOOOOOLLL)

Saya dilahirkan untuk beribadah kepada Allah. And that I shall do.
I have this dream; I want to work for Islamic banks and make people realise how powerful Islam is. How Islam is not merely a religion but a way of life.
I shall. One day you'll see me in the papers representing Islamic banks, and see how Islamic banks will one day be on the top.

Was that deep enough?
I need to complete some work now - formal dinner coming up which also implies that I will be busy for the next 2 weeks.
Fun awaits.

Remember darlings, have faith in Allah. Don't you be like me and cry over results. Allah knows what's best for you.


  1. ada satu incident after trial mara yang membuatkan aku hilang respect dekat kau.
    dua je nasihat dari aku,
    1) belajar sebab nak ilmu, bukan nak result gempak.
    2) jangan jadi slut.

    1. okay adi, still trying. add math je yang aku rasa aku tak ikhlas.
      and I'm not sure why I'm a slut.