Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 Thirteen

Abdul Hanifz; That weirdo who's always doing weird things. One who dearly loves his little skateboard. That guy I look for when in trouble with my math or add math. I'll miss his random singing unexpected reactions. 

Adi Farhan; One of the most annoying guys I have ever met. Annoying macam mana pun, he cares for people. I'll miss his sarcastic faces, his dry jokes and those harsh words. I'll miss the times when I cry and he tries to comfort me - sitting next to me and handing me tissues. We've had our times when I blocked him and unfriended him on facebook but honestly, I'll miss him a lot.

Amir Ashraf; the guy who barely talked last year but has tremendously changed this year. His examination results have catapulted as well and yes, I am proud of this guy. He's our elephant. And he makes me smile by making such random remarks.
"Kau lah botak"

Faez Asraf; He's the guy I turned to when I was having troubles with BWPs. He's the guy who's always asking people to belanja him (a.k.a pengemis, haha). He's the one I love to disturb because he doesn't really layan me hahaha. And he's the guy with the masam face.

Umar Rafie; A guy who I once disliked due to stupid reasons. His remarks are nearly always funny. Quiet around girls and has almost no expression. 

Alif Hasalan; I'll miss his random singing of childhood songs. His misai and tahi lalat will be a source of entertainment to all of us. He makes us laugh with his funny remarks and just... makes us laugh when he doesn't do anything.

Din; A guy who, to me, is really aggressive. Lately, I just like to kacau him and he'll do it back to me. A guy who I once threatened to punch, aha

Eikhmal; My favourite radio DJ. I am 70% sure that he will one day be a radio DJ, if Allah wills it. He's the guy who is always mocking teachers in class, though he doesn't mean to belittle them. He is sometimes harsh and constantly mocks classmates as well. 

Hulaif; He's our professor. He gets mad easily and sometimes unexpectedly tries to be funny. My abang homeroom who has got friendlier this year.

Akmal Amran; The guy who is most popular with his tendency to sleep in class. One of the most mature guy in class and someone who gets annoyed easily.

Suffian; The artist in class.

Aimran Khalis; 513's engineer. He's a bit more mature than the rest but sometimes takes us by surprise when he randomly dances and joins them during acts of immaturity.

Amiruddin; A guy who I'm not particularly close to but I remember when he busted me when I was on my red spot.

Fakhri; A guy who has a weird and big laugh. Someone who makes jokes that aren't funny half the time and really menjaga batas dengan perempuan.

Ridhwan; Our Prime Minister who has quite a temper but is very responsible. I once had a small fight with him which turned out to be a misunderstanding and he tried his best to solve it. I'll miss his random outbursts on political issues.

Fazrill; The most elusive person in the class. Always nowhere to be found. He's a nice person though.

Azlin Azidin; One of the most helpful people in class and is always trying to help with everything. She is our mother in class and is nicknamed Ibuk Lin. She's adorable just like a cat and is very polite towards teachers.

Bayani; The girl who has has successfully controlled her anger this year. She is always the first to say sorry when we have one of our arguments, and she just tries to make us smile when we're down.

Hannah; The girl who used to annoy me but has changed her ways. She rarely gets mad at people and hates to hate. Her attempts at jokes just leave me smiling.

Haziyah; My mentee in class. She's adorable and small and makes people laugh when she tells stories. She's the one who cares about people when they have a frown on their faces.

Nunis; Her small laugh and weird faces always make me laugh. She's the one I always sing duets with. And I'll just miss this girl.

Myra; Her loud laugh is what makes her, her. She'll be so motherly when she sees one of us sad. A friendly person as well.

Tasha; A girl who is friendly and talkative. Warms up to people easily and is a good friend. 

Aisya Dania; The one is sekepala with me and is always there for me when I'm down. Always says she's not pretty when she is actually beautiful. She's the craziest woman and loves to dance. I just love her to bits.

"5 Masyuk"
"Bayar dulu, bayar lagi"
"I don't if this makes sense but..."
"5 November ni ada orang punya anniversary"
"Bila nak buat malam kebudayaan lagi?"

Those endless memories. Just make me cry sometimes.


  1. Aku bukan pengemis dan muka aku tak masam. Kau je taktahu macam mana kemanisanyaa

    1. Kadang kadang je lah aku nampak kemanisan hahahaha