Thursday, August 16, 2012


I wish everyone would stop judging others based on their appearances. As much as I want to hate them for doing it to me, I know I do the same thing sometimes.

So I should just scold myself. At least I know how to look in the mirror.
I honestly salute those who don't judge books by its cover.

But then, I don't really judge people the first time I see them. I merely have a first impression. It's hard not to look at someone and not think anything. I mean, that's what average humans do. But to judge people? To say they're selfish, to say they're immature, to say they're social, to say they're lazy or anything else, before I even get to know that person?
That's not something I do.

It really hurt to know that some people didn't like me, or didn't support me because I was labelled as a socialite. People even thought that I didn't wear hijab outside of the maktab. They weren't confident that I could carry out the responsibilities.
Some people somehow came up with a story that I discriminated MRSM students and government students - which I never did.
Some people hate me for not doing my job - which I think I do very well. Thanks for not tegur-ing me.

Oh dear, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed that these people would talk behind my back and not tell me the truth. I'm disappointed that they're mad at me because I am supposedly not carrying out my responsibilities when they don't know the real story.

But I iz okay with all this. It's not the first time I've been through this. This has probably been my life story since 2007.
Well, I got this from Fatimah Syarha's blog, so insyaAllah we can muhasabah diri balik after reading this.


Ikuti teladan betapa berhati-hatinya Saidina Umar untuk mengenali peribadi seseorang. Saidina Umar semasa cuba menyingkapi keperibadian seseorang, beliau sudah meletakkan piawaian tertentu. Beliau tidak mudah tertipu melihat postur dan penampilan seseorang. Beliau meletakkan kayu ukur tertentu bagi menilai agama dan akhlak seseorang itu. Ketika datang seorang lelaki yang memberikan kesaksian untuk seseorang, Umar bertanya kepadanya:
            Umar               : Adakah kamu mengenal orang ini?
            Sahabat           : Ya.
Umar               :Adakah kamu berjiran dengannya dan mengetahui saat dia keluar masuk?
            Sahabat           : Tidak.
Umar               :Adakah kamu pernah menemaninya dalam satu perjalanan (musafir) dan mengenal kemuliaan akhlaknya?
            Sahabat           :Tidak.
Umar               :Adakah kamu pernah berinteraksi dengannya yang melibatkan dinar dan  dirham (duit), sehingga kamu mengenal sifat hati-hatinya?
            Sahabat           :Tidak.
Umar               :Mungkin kamu pernah melihatnya berdiri dan duduk solat di masjid, mengangkat kepalanya pada suatu ketika dan menundukkannya pada saat yang lain?
            Sahabat           :Ya.
            Umar               :Pergilah. Sungguh kamu tidak mengenalnya.


  1. don't feel down my dear, raya is getting near, things that we have to do is only to think positive towards those people who assume you're kind of bad people. ISLAM is to do kindness to all people. just do'a for them so that Allah will guide them :) selamat hari raya dear.

    1. hmm true, insyaAllah then.
      sarah, rindu!!!! :(
      selamat hari raya jugaaaa :)