Friday, August 10, 2012

A circle

i have a friend, named adi farhan. he is kind, seriously, he is kind, handsome, talented, smart, cool, cute, adorable.

Let's just leave that unedited (and that was Adi, not me) because I want to show you my progress here. I currently hate this school. I wish I could leave. I wouldn't call it hell, since it's a place where I behave better than at home, but I just hate it. I hate having my freedom being taken away. I hate having to adhere to strict rules and a tight schedule. I hate being pressured. I hate the attitude the students are currently adapting in themselves.

The students here are not exactly behaving well lately.
Life is disappearing here. They're acting like primitive people.

I can't even say anything cause there really is nothing to say. My soul isn't here. My passion to learn disappears every time I set foot here.

Nope, I am not fine here. But thanks to my friends here, I guess my life is a bit better. What with my immature classmates who make me laugh, my roommates who (I think) genuinely care for me, my girlfriends who are there when I need someone. Though no one could ever replace my best friends, they make a fine substitute.
Though it's a bit harsh to say that, we all feel the same way.

Only God knows how much I miss Farhanah, Nina, Syafikah, Khairin, Iman, Asma, Fawwaz, Afiq and the others. Those are the people who brightened up my days with love and laughter.
Just a few days till I balik kampung, a few days till trial and just a few days left till SPM.
Life is good.

I'm probably gonna be late for chemistry, but honestly, I don't give a damn. My feelings are empty and I've transformed into a robot who can do nothing except to study for exams that don't bring good to anyone.


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