Saturday, July 21, 2012


Ramadhan is not only about abstaining yourself from eating and drinking. Ramadhan brings a bigger meaning - which people don't really understand.

When we fast, we must abstain ourselves from anger, maksiat. Don't talk about others behind their backs. Patience is the key when we fast. Nafsu perlu dikawal. It's hard, but that's what Ramadhan is here for, to help us abstain ourselves from these things.

I'm thankful to be a Muslim. Islam teaches you to lead a healthy life - not only physically but mentally and spiritually.
To be healthy, you must not only take care of your physical health, but your mental and spiritual health must always be in check as these elements will shape an excellent person.

But yknow what, people judge Islam too fast before knowing how beautiful the religion really is.
Islam preaches peace, but the followers of Islam taint the beauty of Islam. If only we all put Allah first, the Quran and Sunnah as our guidance then the world will sure as hell be a peaceful place.

Islam is a misunderstood religion and the followers seem to not care. Some are even embarassed. Oh dear Muslims, please, let us come together and prove them wrong! If only we all cared for each other :'(

So remember, don't let Ramadhan be a month of thirst and hunger only. Make it a month where we improve ourselves and our iman so that we'll always be on the straight path.

Ingatlah pesanan Imam Hassan Al-Basri: "Jadilah kamu hamba Allah (yang beribadah sepanjang masa, tempat dan suasana) jangan menjadi hamba Ramadan (yang hanya tekun beribadah di bulan Ramadan)"

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