Thursday, June 7, 2012

How it All Happened

Assalamualaikum. Wehehehehe.
Sometime last year, during the 2nd semester, forms were sold to whoever yang interested to be part of Badan Wakil Pelajar/Student's Representative Council. 
I'm not really sure what made me buy the freaking form, but I never regretted it. 
It was mostly an act on impulse, I think if I thought about it longer, I would have never bought it. Plus, the encouragement my friends gave me brought me to where I am today.

I bought the form with Laila, and we told each other we would make the posters together and all. I always envisaged me and Laila both winning the votes and getting to be BWPs. Tehehe. 
So then came the interview with the then BWPs. I was interviewed by Ammar Faris, Kak Syahira and Kak Sab. I swear the interview was freaking horrible and when it was finished I just tried forgetting about it.

And I told myself "Don't you dare expect to become one of the candidates".

But then I did become a candidate. I think it was partly because of the lack of students who went to the interview. 
So then it was time for the manifestos and selling our faces around the school LOLS. We made similar posters and it was a really unforgettable experience and somewhat embarassing (ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GUYS KNEW ABOUT MY NICKNAME AND IT WAS SO HORRIBLE I FELT LIKE HIDING IN A CORNER. I SWEAR I DISLIKED THEM SO MUCH).

I hated that part. I hated the manifesto (which Alhamdulillah barely anyone came). I hated everything about that week. But I guess it was fun. LOL. 
It was mostly embarassing because I didn't really know the senior guys and I wasn't really fond of them. The only guys I was kind of comfortable with were Abang Ellyas and Abang Hanif Marzuki :3

(I'm having a hard time recounting all this because I seriously hated it)

Okay moving on moving on. IT WAS TIME FOR VOTING DAY! Ceh macam pilihan raya besar-besaran lah pulak.
It was held on the same day as the larian 1 Malaysia haha.
So vote vote vote count count count. That night, Ustaz Sabri announced the people with the most votes!

I didn't expect it to happen so fast.
... And well, I didn't get it. I cried initially because everyone kept looking at me with sad faces. I wasn't even sad yknow. But then everyone was like, it's okay it's okay. So then I was like, am I supposed to be sad?
LOL. Me and Laila didn't get it so it was okay masa tu. 
But then, jengjengjeng! After surau activities, it was announced that the results were invalid. I didn't even care though, it was ingrained in my brain that I didn't get it, so that was it.
I was just looking forward to being an EMC. (Yes, I was also trying out for EMC. So if I wasn't a BWP, I would have probably been an EMC behehehe)

So then during the rollcall on Monday (voting day was on Saturday), they announced the real results and was name was called. And I was like -_____-
I wasn't excited at all because like, I already gave up hope then. Hahah.

So after that we held the first ever BWP 11/12 meeting and we had to tentukan our jawatan semua. I actually wanted to be the Academic Exco which Iza also wanted to be. 
And well, I didn't get it. Last last dapat Culture and Arts Exco. I remember how I initially refused to be that.
And Iqbal said If you're not ready to be the Culture and Arts Exco, then you're not ready to be a BWP.
He said that in BM of course and well of course it was like a pang in my heart. But I accepted his words, and I accepted the post. And I don't regret it. 
So that was how it all happened and how I became Exco Kebudayaan dan Kesenian of MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba.

I used to think that I wouldn't be it if more people had went to the interview. But you know what? Not many people went and I guess that's what makes us BWPs special. We grabbed the chance to be it, and it doesn't matter that we're not the best leaders among our batch, but we were brave enough to try. We were bold enough to go for the interview and do the manifesto. 
It was not exactly an easy feat but we did it. Allah promised siapa yang usaha then dia dapat (dengan izin Allah of course). Man jadda wa jadda.

So yes, we are the 14 out of 345 (or was it 346?)

(Should I put that paragraph in my personal statement? HAHAHA KIDDING)

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