Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank You(s)

Assalamualaikum dears.
Have you said your thanks to Allah yet for all the luxury and comfort He's given you?
You better say it then!

This is a reminder for myself and everyone reading this :)
Sometimes, we complain too much and forget that we've already had everything. Make these 2 lists and ponder upon it:

  1. Nikmat Yang Saya Dapat Sepanjang Hidup
  2. Kesusahan Yang Saya Terima Sepanjang Hidup

Which do you think would be longer? No need to fikir lama lama.
The first one, of course - no questions asked. If you say the second list is longer then there must be something wrong with you. Memang nak kena penumbuk tu *dush

The things - luxury and comfort - He's given you is just uncountable. What more could you ask for, really? You have oxygen, a house, complete body (for those yang complete lah), a bed, books, education, clothes, food and drinks, a family, friends, selimut, carpet, closet, shoes, bras, underwear and etc etc
You couldn't have gotten it without Allah's permission. 

And the hardships you've been through? Lebih kurang daripada the nikmat Allah has given you. So stop complaining and say Alhamdulillah.

Tahu tak the biggest nikmat we have? Does anyone know? Kalau tahu angkat tangan!
The biggest nikmat is of course, ISLAM.
When we were born, ada ke kita mintak nak jadi Islam? 
Alhamdulillah, we were born into a Muslim family and so we are automatically Islam. And why why why, most of us tak bersyukur is because we don't know how great and awesome it is to be a Muslim.
We were given a chance, an opportunity to be a good Muslim so that we can stand up for Islam. But kita semua tak bersyukur langsung. Going against Allah's commands and everything.

Yang lain lain tu, they don't know what's right and what's wrong. They don't understand. So kesian tau sebab they don't get a chance to know the true path, but us? We already know, but we don't follow it. Apa cer bro? 

Going to clubs, drinking alcohol in public, and all the other Western social activities. Masjid and surau semua bunyi *krik krik*
What is up with us Muslims? Especially teenagers. What happened to our culture? Us teenagers are supposed to be the ones to gerakkan dakwah and all but no, we're all wasting our time and energy dancing around like maniacs, putting our healths at risk by being involved with drugs and alcohol, sitting around doing nothing and complaining we're bored.
We're embarassing our religion and showing people a bad image which makes people have wrong perceptions about Islam. Ni semua because we're not thankful enough to Allah, to have given us the nikmat to be an Islam. To be on the true path without even asking to, whereas the other religions, they have to usaha sendiri. (which also gives us another reminder to always help them ^__^)

So, we need to change and the first step is to be thankful for everything we have. To be thankful for having been born as a Muslim. 

Try to sujud syukur everyday okay. Thank Allah for giving us another day to collect good deeds.

And enjoin prayer upon your family [and people] and be steadfast therein. We ask you not for provision; We provide for you, and the [best] outcome is for [those of] righteousness. (20: 132)

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.' "

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