Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anger Management

Definition of anger = A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility

Anger usually takes over us when we're tired, or we're stressed or because we get angry easily or because we like being angry or because we're going through menstrual stress.
Whatever it is, no matter how valid your reason to be angry, it should be controlled. The best way to diminish our anger is through wudhuk.
If we are standing whilst being angry, then sit down. If we're sitting down then lie down. If we're lying down... then sleep? Hahah.

Not to forget, Astaghfirullahhalazim should be said and repeated until we have coolen down. However, it cannot be simply said, but be felt as well. Just simply saying but not having any will to forget about the anger won't work.

I had an issue with anger today in class. 2 situations, in fact where I had to deal with anger.

Situation #1

My BM teacher is moving next week so we bought a cake as a sign of farewell - with the help of my English teacher. So we decided to give a piece of cake to my English teacher as well. A squabble broke out over which part of the cake should be given. At first, we already saved a part for her but then the cake like 'hancur' so this one person (I shall name this person as Minnie) - so Minnie said we should give a nicer part for my English teacher. And so she cut the part of the cake made out of mostly cream.
The class debated over it. I said we should give another part because that part is mostly cream and isn't delicious. Some other classmates agreed but she didn't. Bla bla bla, she then shouted,
"I'll make the final decision and whoever doesn't like it can go protest outside"

Which made me really really mad. I shouldn't have gotten so angry though but that was an utterly annoying and obnoxious thing to say.

Situation #2

We were cleaning the class for tomorrow (SEM Type III) and we had to organise the tables and chairs in a particular plan. So I asked the whole class to help. There were some who continued to do their own work. I got a bit annoyed but I still stayed cool. I asked them to not be selfish and help. One of my classmates still refused to help, and it was a guy. So I shouted his name and asked him to help. I wasn't actually angry, it was a kind of playing around thing, but then another person (who I shall name Birdie) said something. And this Birdie was one of the people who didn't help even after being asked to.

Birdie: Takyah marah dia, semua tengah stress, dia pun ada kerja
Me: Aku tak marah dia pun
Birdie: Just takyah marah ah, dia pun tengah stress ada kerja.
Me: Oh macam kau ah? (sarcastically
Birdie: *screams something I couldn't make out*

Then she stormed out of the class. And I was like o.O
Okay maybe it was my fault for provoking her. I'm not proud of that.
So you see, anger can have a bad effect on the people around you and yourself as well. Friendships might be broken due to anger.
Therefore, the best thing that can be done is to control it. Meh, I feel like I've just written an essay for English.

Remember, Astaghfirullahhalazim :)

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