Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Assalamualaikum darlings. I'm in the midst of a hustle and bustle scenario right now. Everyone's printing their thesis in the library and I'm here blogging, teehee.
SEM Type III is just 2 days away and I'm still relaxing. I'm almost done with most of the SEM work, thankfully. Alhamdulillah, I had some sense in me to start a tad earlier than everyone else.

Soooooooo, sup?
Just went through my monthly test last week along with the swimming competition I participated in (which shall not be spoken of intricately because of stuff) and some other stuff.
I've been extremely busy lately. What with the swimming practice, mural painting (which left a green mark on my white uniform), studying, BWP work and various other stuff.
But tet tet, I'm enjoying what I'm doing. It doesn't feel like a burden at all. It's a huge difference when you're busy doing stuff you don't like and stuff you do like.

Mural painting is kind of like authorised vandalisme and it's fun, swimming lets me get my mind off things, BWP activities make me feel like a mature adult doing adult things (LOL) and rushing between all these activities are actually fun.

Ah brrrhhh, I'm currently having a headache. It might be caused from the fact that I did not have any proper meal at all today and I am super duper hungry. I didn't actually want to not eat but I kind of forgot.
The danger of being in TGB - you might forget to eat and take care of your health.

Anyway, I miss everyone right now. I miss my parents, my best friends back in BRP (as usual) and Iman and of course my horsey, who is currently performing umrah right now. Pray that he will get home safe.

Just a week and a half left and I'll be heading home for a one week break. Wait for me dearies,
Au revoir! Pray that I'll go through SEM Type III well and perform in my exams and my everyday activities go on smoothly.

Allahumma yasir wala tua'sir

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