Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flying is for birds

It's well embarassing when you make awkward jokes. Jokes that aren't funny, that is.

So SEM Type III is over. To all who does not know what it is, it's kind of a fair, where the Form 5s have to present their projects. I did a science project, and my presentation? Mmmhmmm, all I have to say about it is that it's ovahhhhhhh. I just hope that I won't have to go through something as frightening as that.

It is now activity week and sports day is taking up most of our time. 3 days of sports events. I'm exhausted right now. The sports day is actually tomorrow :3
I won silver for 4 x 4 yesterday hehe. I was very very nervous before the event. But then I cooled myself down, telling myself I've been in MSSD, takkan tak boleh buat kot.
Ah teringat memori Form 3, masuk MSSD and embarassed myself hahaha. But you know what, it's fine. Not everyone boleh masuk kannnnnn.

On Monday, there was a pasar malam. PUM (Persatuan Usahawan Muda) organised it and most of the people selling were the Form 4 PUM Apprentices, but our class decided to sell as well. And we sold murtabak maggi and 'cocktail'.
It was fun, like seriously. We weren't expecting many people to buy our stuff but the murtabak maggi - so many people bought it we had to take down orders.
The guys helped cook and all and it was like best gila sebab everyone praised the murtabak maggi, teehee.

I'm going home on Friday and I cannot wait. My bed at home is missing me.

Oh and last night I made an awkward joke. I reminded my block not to fly (which is ponteng).
Then I said fly tu untuk burung.
*krik krik*

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