Friday, July 4, 2014


Wow it sure is dusty here.
I've lost my touch with words lately (like I ever had a touch anyway), and it's been hard putting my feelings into words.

So much has been happening - okay maybe SO MUCH is an exaggeration, but things definitely have been happening and well I don't really know where to start.

First of all, I have alhamdulillah, graduated from INTEC. Yayyyyeeerrzz for me! But under all the celebration and joy, it was extremely sad parting with my friends. It was only a year, but I guess a year's enough to bond with people and build new friendships that you won't forget. I can't deny that being in the ADFP program at Intec was utterly stressful, what with the grades (93 BARU A AND 90 BARU A- NAK APA SEKARANG), and the many classes we had and the pile of assignments every single week and the lecturers with high expectations, but the people I got to know there were wonderful. So I'd like to give special thanks to my Honolulu classmates, especially the girls who I never expected to form such a strong bond with.

Aren't they all pretty?! (Yes they are)

After all the times we've gone out together, ate together, watched movies together, have special topics on Whatsapp (wink), I think it's safe to say that I do love these girls. And may our friendship never break. 

I'm flying off to the USA in around a month! Alhamdulillah.
I have been accepted to University of Michigan and yes, I'm finally going and I really cannot believe it. I mean, I've been fed with stories of studying in the USA by my parents and I've always visualized myself there and finally it's coming true! 

So yes, I still haven't regained my so called touch and I'm running out of words. Will update soon though, 
au revoir!

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  1. All the best Susu :) Take good care of yourself kat sana tau. Always remember Allah and have faith in Him ;) Jangan lupa kitorang kat sini.