Saturday, July 12, 2014

Miss Alia.

I walked into the ICU feeling nervous. I didn't know what to expect. Will she recognize me? What was I going to say to her? There was a flurry of emotions inside. I felt excited, sad, happy, nervous all at the same time.
When I finally saw her ward, Najwa and I briskly walked inside. There were four occupants inside, and I looked around for her. The person I saw was no longer recognizable. 

Miss Alia was my English teacher for 2 years at MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba and also a warden. I remember the first time she walked into the class, and I was a little afraid of her. She seemed strict and was not really up for smiles. Who knew during the first class, that our class would become so close to her. During the 2 years she taught us, she not only taught us English but she was also there to listen to our struggles in TGB. I remember telling her a lot of things that I went through and she always listened and gave me advice. I remember her cooking spaghetti for our class. I remember her letting us stay in her house to watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I remember her bringing us out countless times cause we were bored of staying inside the college. I remember her threatening that I wouldn't get an A+ for English if I didn't send my phone in. After two years, she is definitely someone who I consider a very close person to me. 
Yes she is kind of a strict person, if you get on her nerves. But she's mostly relaxed and cracks jokes. And I just miss talking to her.

A few weeks ago, Miss Alia passed out in the staffroom due to brain haemorrhage. She was immediately sent to the Malacca hospital but due to the insufficient expertise, she was sent to HKL where she went through brain surgery to remove blood clots. Alhamdulillah, what could have been a fatal situation, turned out well. And after her surgery was completed, she was sent back to Malacca hospital where she is currently recovering.
The moment I heard about her news, I went into a state of shock and panic. Brain haemorrhage was what my uncle passed away from. I was just so relieved when I heard that her surgery was alhamdulillah, a success.

When I saw her in the ICU, my heart broke. Miss Alia still can't talk, a natural effect of course after a stroke. But what made me choke on my tears was that she recognized me. When she saw me, she waved her right arm at me. And she made some sounds. I was just so happy I got to see her. When she saw Najwa, she just pointed at her, cause she remembers that she didn't teach Najwa. I held her hand and I told her that she was going to be okay. Miss Alia then pointed to herself and made doa gestures. I can't even describe the feeling during that moment. Of course we were praying for her! I also told her I was going to the US soon, something I hoped she remembered, and the sounds she made seemed sad and when I saw her sad eyes I just... couldn't hold back my tears anymore. Her eyes were red and I could see how much she was struggling and how much she felt like crying. We spent a short time talking to her and telling her that she had to be okay. Two of my ex-classmates were waiting to go inside the ICU so we made out visit short. When we went away, she waved... and I hope she knows just how much I am praying for her recovery.

Miss Alia had many plans and dreams still waiting to be fulfilled and still very young (she's in her 20s). I love her and I pray that Allah will give her health to make those dreams come true. 
What makes me even more sad is that I'll be leaving Malaysia soon and I won't get the chance to see her often. But I promised Miss Alia that I'll definitely come and see her when I'm back here, inshaa Allah.

I hope everyone who's reading this can give Miss Alia a little prayer, especially TGB students. She needs it. And while you're at it, give some prayers for Palestine and Israel to be at peace, for all the sick people in the world, and for ourselves.


  1. Assalamualaikum susu. What's the cause for her brain haemorrhage? Btw, now Miss Alia still in Malacca hosp is it?

    1. blood clots in her brain :(
      yep she is, go visit her hehe