Friday, October 4, 2013

Indelible Part 1

It's been a while since I took the time to compose a real blog post. I have been extremely busy for the past 3 months (and also very lazy), so I haven't had much time to type anything out.

So I thought of recapping the best events I had so far in INTEC. Because I am just really happy today and my heart is filled with love for Austin and INTEC (ceyy), so I thought of sharing my joy with everyone. But I'll do it in parts since there have just been sooo many memories.


So first of all, since I spend time everyday with them, I'd like to introduce to you the class of Austin!

hanna. elsa. hazman. irvin. jason. fara. afiqah. far. mirah. ariff. eddy. acap. YJ. imran. ahteng. atiqah. dahlia. hor yian. nabilah. sofyah. umar. (and me)
This was us for the memento photoshoot.

They are my source of joy and laughter. Their stupid jokes and intelligence make the class interesting. I can totally fit in with them. Even though we've had our disagreements and arguments, I honestly love them already, even though it has only been 3 months of togetherness. 
And they're all so intelligent and each has different opinions which definitely open up my mind. Their maturity impresses me and they have taught me so many things I never knew before (some which aren't even necessary to know, but good to know all the same; snuff films to be exact).
There are math geniuses, vocab geniuses, people who have a way with words, debaters, and just people with so many different aptitudes in one class, so I get to learn so much from them.

The image above was a class picture for memento. We had a slumber party theme and I was so pleased that most of them were 'sporting' and wore pajamas and stuff. 

Some of the lecturers didn't like us at first, and well, not many classes like us either - I think, I'm not really sure - but oh well, at least we have each other lol.

We even have a class couple - Hazman and Elsa - who I really adore.

Yesterday was Elsa's birthday and the day before was Hazman's and the day before that was Yian's, so Miss Nash (our writing lecturer) suggested to do a surprise for them. So yesterday during writing class, Miss told Imran to buy a cake. YJ, Eddy and Ariff went while Miss planned to act like she was angry for not doing our assignments well. While the guys were buying the cake, we checked our essay outlines, then when Miss was checking mine, she suddenly got angry and asked us how we were going to do our finals if we can't get our outlines right. She said to Hazman and Elsa "You can't just come in here all lovey dovey. Your whole outline is wrong!" 
I swear it felt so real and I really couldn't tell if she was acting or she was genuinely mad. Then the guys texted us to get ready to sing. 
It was pretty hilarious cause when we started singing, we could see that Hazman and Elsa were really upset after miss raged at the class lol.

so this is yian, elsa and hazman. 

And here are some of our random pictures

 ariff fara eddy

YJ who makes me look extra short

miss nash calls us the dumb blondes in the class

Speaking of, miss nash calls us dumb blondes because we're really spacy and slow at times. But the funniest one has got to be the day when everyone was making stupid jokes and laughing at it so I went:

Susu: Why are guys all so happy?!
Dahlia: I know right! I don't get it!
Miss Nash: What is wrong with you guys...
Susu: I don't know, they're all so drunk
Miss Nash: Why are you guys being so negative
Dahlia: She's talking about us, stupid
Susu and Dahlia: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Miss Nash: ... the dumb blondes in the class. 

And today, we had our campaigns, which was an assignment for oral comm course. My group (fara, acap, pikah and ariff) did one on sleep. We created awareness on getting enough and effective sleep. We had only one week of preparation but everything turned out so so well thanks to the group's cooperation. And I was just really happy because all our hard work paid off. The other groups prepared very well too; they did no phones during meals/it's cool to be nice/chill lah. Everyone's campaigns were really cool and the booths were pretty with badges and stuff.
A lot of people from other classes came and it was quite a havoc.

this was our booth for the sleep campaign. unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the other booths :(

 sofyah; the girl who used to live in korea

 fara and ariff (who is being ariff)

nabilah, who is a really sweet girl.

pikah who is such a good friend <3


So thank you so much Austins. For everything you guys have taught me, and being the source of happiness.
And special thanks to Ariff, Fara, Pikah and Acap for the radio drama and campaign. To Irvin and Far for sharing their extensive vocab with us and initiating intellectual and insightful topics on the whatsapp group. To Yian (especially Yian), YJ, Eddy and Jason for teaching me precal. To Shipa for being a great friend. To Hanna for tolerating with my harassments. To Imran for accepting my scoldings and sarcasm. And just generally to everyone in Austin for being such great classmates.
(Dahlia needs her own post cause she's that special to me).

And I'm a bit upset 'cause we won't be in the same class next semester. k. 


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    1. i bet you tengah imagine what itd be like kalau you kat intec

    2. Kantoi . Hahhahahahaha obvious sangat ke lulz
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