Monday, April 15, 2013

Petronas Young Stars Day - My First Interview!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
On Saturday, I attended the Petronas Young Stars Day. So my day started out really really bad.

I am kind of a blur-ish person. And if you were my parents you would be infuriated with me for all the times I go into a blur-ish state. So the Petronas scholarship, they wanted us to sahkan all the documents by a Pegawai Divisyen 1. Emphasis on "ALL THE DOCUMENTS". However I failed to notice that and I thought it meant that all my sijil ko-kurikulum needs to have a signature from the pengetua and etc. And so on the morning of the young stars day, I re-checked my documents and suddenly noticed the online form needed a pengesahan from a pegawai divisyen 1. I think at that moment I felt my blood being drained from my face and I was like... this is not good.

It was mad, my parents were extremely angry at me especially when they noticed that ALL documents needed pengesahan and the only thing I sahkan was my mom's surat pengesahan tidak bekerja.

I blame myself but seriously, how was I to know what it meant. Again I repeat I am a blur-ish person. It was 7 and that was the time we were supposed to leave. I started crying so badly. And my parents shouted at me and stuff and I just cried and cried. My eyes were all red and puffy. My parents, being the extraordinary parents they are, called so many people who maybe could sahkan my documents. Finally En. Mohd Shah my ex-BM teacher who is now the penolong kanan ko-kurikulum for SMKBRP said he could as he was coming to school.

It was at that moment that I realised how much Allah had helped me and how much my parents love me as they were willing to go through so much hardship just so that I could go to the interview.

It was almost 8 when we got to SMKBRP, and coincidentally the headmistress was there and she tried helping as well but she couldn't as she wasn't able to find her stamp. So at 8 En. Mohd. Shah arrived and stamped all the documents for me and it was at 8 as well that I finally stopped crying. Didn't want the teachers to see heh heh.

So here, I would like to thank my parents especially, Puan Norha and En Mohd Shah helping me.

So then my dad sped the car off to Taylor's Lakeside Campus. And we arrived around 8.35. Alhamdulillah, I was in time to register. There were so many people. I didn't expect that many people to be there. There was around 300-400 people there.
So first of all we registered, and there was a briefing about the programme. We were separated into 4 groups, and I was in group B.

The first thing group B did was wait for 1-2 hours in a holding room. Then we were sent to another room where we were divided into smaller groups consisting of 4 or 5 people. We were given a case study to present for our one-to-one interview and the group interview as well. My case study was about Corporate Social Responsibility and to me, it was quite hard but apa nak buat, hentam je lah. We were given half an hour to prepare and finally they sent us to another level where they were holding interviews in separate rooms.

So I just bantai the one-to-one interview saying weird stuffs which don't make sense but whatever lah kan. That's just how interviews go. The group interview was a failure as well. I hated it but yeah whatever I don't want to remember anymore ugh.

So then we were given time to eat and pray but I didn't eat so sad cause tak sempat so I just prayed. I was hungry................. and so at 3 I went to the holding room to wait with the others and finally at 4.30 we were sent to the assessment hall. We had a math and science test, but I took a math test since I applied for accounting (non-technical) while those who applied for technical courses had to do both. Then there were 2 critical thinking tests which was just ugh. And my stomach was grumbling as well!

And the whole thing finished at 6.30. And I was just so tired by then and my eyes were still stinging because of my one hour cry in the morning.
So my first ever interview went quite bad. Unfortunately but oh well. It was good experience.

Conclusion and moral: Read the requirements carefully! And always be obedient to your parents as they are the only ones willing to do anything for your success. And also don't spill crap in interviews.
I expect nothing from Petronas because I know I wasn't... extaordinary, impressive and bla bla. Good luck to those who attented the Young Stars day as well!


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  1. Hi! If I didn’t bring the admission application form for UTP, can I still involve or will I be kicked out of the interview?