Thursday, December 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum dears.
It's been a few weeks since the Al-Khadeem Youth Camp, but still I want and need to talk about it.
At first I was quite excited to attend the camp since it's an Islamic camp, and I was just thirsty for knowledge and everything.
So yeah when I arrived at Al-Khadeem, I saw many of the sisters were wearing niqab and everything and I was just so amazed and excited and not so unhappy to be leaving the comforts of home.

There was a briefing and everything bla bla bla then we were off on the bus to Hulu Selangor.
We were divided into groups and all and I was in group 10 and they chose me to be the group leader lol it reminded me so much of TGB though during that moment. And our group name was Humaira.
We had two facis for some weird reason and they both wore niqab :')

So anyway, to summarise it all up, at first all I wanted was to go home. That was mainly because of the condition of the dorm. I hated the dorm and the toilet because of it being dirty and all. I despise it till now.
But then at the end of the camp I was just so thankful that I attended it because of how much I learnt and all the amazing people I met.
I mean, we went river trekking right, and I mentioned that many facilitators were wearing niqabs and all, well they went river trekking with us! Along with their jubahs and all and it was momentous time for me because it completely changed my perspective of wearing niqabs.
This whole time I thought wearing a niqab would constrain women of outdoor activities. Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea of wearing a niqab, but I thought that when you wear it, you wouldn't be able to join like, aktiviti lasak and all.
But my time at the Al-Khadeem Youth Camp totally changed my views on it.
And it made me interested in wearing it you know :-)

So yes, the camp was a form of da'wah and it trained us to be young daeis. The people there inspired me so much and has given me spirit to spread da'wah and join all the Islamic talks and everything. It gave me more spirit to gain knowledge on Islam.
I really hope I can join next year.

Anyway, my holidays so far are okay. It's not a total waste. I've been teaching tuition and recently I have new students to teach. It's fun to be teaching yknow huehehe.
And my weight is like, increasing so much, I really need to stop eating, gawwddddd.

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