Saturday, June 2, 2012

Of personal statements and resumes

I am currently 16 on 17.
I will be sitting for SPM this year.
I will soon be going into college and university.
I will soon be working.

And I need a resume and a personal statement. I swear, I have been dreading these two creatures ever since last year.
What's even sadder is that the list for my co-curricular activities is super short. Maklumlah, I'm never picked for anything. I've tried weh, but oh well. Rezeki takde, nak buat camana. WHAT'S EVEN SADDER IS THAT NOW THEY'RE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO EXCEL IN CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES.
Kenapa aku ni terkurang aktif T____T

Okay never mind, I'm sure Allah has it all planned out for me. Because dah usaha tapi tak dapat. So I'll just be patient.

And the personal statement thing? Not going too well. How in the world do I right a personal statement that won't make me sound all pretentious and fake and snobby and arrogant and all things similar?

*breathe in *breathe out

HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS MOCK INTERVIEW THING, I am surely going to die. Imma dieeeeeee. Okay I'm not going to die.
Lots of love and thanks to Iza though for helping me (and the whole batch) with this. You are surely the best Academic Exco!
Now, I shall relax and procrastinate. Let's leave the resume and personal statement till when I'm confident of myself (which will probably be never).

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