Monday, May 28, 2012

Kongres Pendakwah Muda

Assalamualaikum dears :)

It has been exactly a month since my last post, teehee. I have missed home so muchhh. It's such a relief to be here - miles away from that stress-inducing place.

I've just been through my semester exam. Not too good. Okay, no. It was okay. But not as good I hoped for. But, InsyaAllah, my results will be okay. I have promised myself to be thankful for ANYTHING I will be getting. Whatever I do, do it for Allah. Lillahi taala. If my results aren't as good as I want it to be, then there must be a reason behind it.

I practised that for my first test in February, and it worked. I was calm - no matter what my result was.

Okay, I won't explain more about exams - not a topic I'm too fond about. So I just came back home from MRSM. 3 days later than everyone else. I joined Kongres Pendakwah Muda.
It involved students from MRSM se-Malaysia. At first, I was a bit reluctant to join, then I was all guilty cause I'm a naquibah, but then they put me in as an AJK so I was like - okay I'll join.
It wasn't bad. Menaikkan semangat sikit and gave me more knowledge. All of us holds the responsibility to sebarkan Islam. All of us are khalifahs. The onus is on us to help Islam return to the glory days like during Abbasids when Islam basked in glory and honour - respected by others. When the likes of Ibnu Sina, Ibnu Battuta, al-Khawarizmi brought Islam to the top of the world.

Now, that is all a history and it is up to us youths to help bring Islam back. TRUE Islam.

Anyway, this was my usrah. Our usrah was called Aminah. Shared a great deal of knowledge with these girlies.
From the left is Husna from MRSM Balik Pulau, Syu from MRSM Muar, Farhana from TGB, me and Aimie from TGB.

It was good. Though too full with ceramahs. But whatever it is. It was well spent.
So I need to go and do my homeworks. I want to fully enjoy my holiday as soon as possible.
Assalamualaikum and sila teguhkan iman ye rakan-rakan LOLLLL.

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