Saturday, April 28, 2012

Malam Kebudayaan

Assalamualaikum dearies! I am currently at home. I really shouldn't have come back home. Big mistake, seriously.
I gotta think over my decisions next time.

So, I am currently in charge of the malam kebudaayn at TGB (cause of well, my post, Culture and Arts Exco). And it's not going too well.
First of all, the Form 4s who are supposed to do the performance did not do any preparations and I was well frustrated. And I kept pushing them.
But then, I forgot all about the Form 5s who are supposed to do the gimmick and left them and now dah tunggang langgang. Plus, I'm home to print the accounts folio and I regret it SO SO MUCH.

*breathes in *breathes out

There's always a way!
Anyway, I'll have to ask for help from my beloved AJKs to carry out the work. Now, I must relax - and concentrate on my accounts folio.
We'll do it the TGB way. Last minute, that is. Hahah. Okay, I should really change my attitude. To not be too influenced by my emotions.

Now, no time for regrets. I shall carry on with life.

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