Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My mother; Zaida Mohd Shariff.
A definitely significant person in my life. She borned me, raised me, taught me and all the things a mother should do. I love her unconditionally and nothing will change that.
If I was to list every single thing she's done for me, the list would be endless. I thank Allah for giving me my mother.

During exams, I struggled with Physics. Not understanding electromagnet. So I texted my mom saying I didn't understand Physics. She asked kalau nak pergi tuition and all. And she said she'll read the chapter and explain it to me nanti.

Yesterday, after dinner, my mom asked me kalau dah faham belum. I said bolehlah, I just don't understand the concept. Found out she even borrowed her friend's son's Physics book and read the chapter so she could explain it to me.

The little things she does. I love her. Till the end.

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