Sunday, April 15, 2012


Assalamualaikum again dearies. May peace be upon you.
I finally watched The Hunger Games and I give it two thumbs up - if I had three hands I'd give it a three thumbs up.
The movie gave me some satisfaction, even though I've read the book - unlike Twilight. The actors and actresses portraying the characters were compatible (except maybe for Gale)

What I want to talk about though is not the movie but the cinema. At some point, I was holding back my pee. It threatened to go out any second. I of course, debated with myself whether I should go out to the toilet or not. Was going to pee worth missing part of the movie?
So in the end I went to the toilet - couldn't stand it any longer.

I blame the air conditioning for this. I went to the toilet right before going into the cinema so the full bladder was totally unexpected. It really wouldn't hurt to turn down the air conditioning a bit.
It's causing extreme peeing. And it's really a bummer to have to bring sweaters for fear we would freeze to death in there. Plus, going to relieve your bladder - you might miss some of the best moments of the movie.

What was amusing was that I stood up to go the toilet at the same time the guy behind me did. And we walked to the toilet together (but not talking of course), both our faces with the same expression "I can't hold it in any longer"

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