Thursday, March 15, 2012


I admit, I used to be an attention seeker. USED TO. I do believe I've changed now.

It's Thursday and the holidays are coming to an end. Homeworks are half finished and I don't have any spirit left to finish the others. I don't feel like going back to school.
Even though it isn't as bad anymore, who likes school anyway?

I'm glad my classmates are awesome. Though the ratio of girls and boys are far from balanced (9 girls and 16 boys), and the girls are constantly bullied, they're fun. Sometimes they'll even refer to me as Maya Karin LOL - because konon-kononnya I resemble her. Hahaha. I know I look nothing like her, I just find it funny when people say I look a bit like her.

My horsey said jangan cari publisiti murahan. I posted a status on Facebook and dia kata macam orang desperate nakkan suami. I was so offended, because honestly, my point was to say suami lagi bagus dari boyfriend. Not that I really want a husband right now. I have never wanted publisiti murahan tau tak. I like to lay low in social networks hahaha. I'm not kidding though. All my statuses and arwah Twitter were just opinions and what was crossing through my mind.
I have never ever ever thought of wanting to be popular. Bukannya terasa pun, just sedih and shocked because he said something like that.

Sighs, I may have been an attention-seeker back in Form 1, tapi saya dah insaf tau. Now, saya just jadi attention-seeker with my horsey.
Cakap pasal attention-seeker ni, kadang-kadang someone doesn't realise that they're an attention-seeker. They might be kutuk-ing and pointing other people as AS (attention seeker, malas nak type panjang panjang), tapi actually they are one too. Kadang-kadang people point other people nak publisiti murahan, tapi they don't realise diorang pun sama.
So actually, we don't need to point others as AS because everyone in this world are ASs (LOL), cuma tahu nak control ke tak.

But, the most important is, we all need to seek attention from Allah. Jom sama sama be attention seekers, forever seeking attention from Allah.

Farhana: Am I an attention-seeker?
Sarah: Heyyyy, no you're not. Don't take it that way. You're perfect.

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