Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have migrated from my old blog to this new, fresh one.
I just felt like I needed to be rid of the old memories contaminating my old blog. I have recently promised myself to be a better person. A better muslimah, a better daughter, student, and other things I'm supposed to be.
Changes are needed at times.

I am mentally exhausted. I probably need my sleep - after weeks of not getting enough. It is exactly 12.30AM.
I have yet again deactivated my Facebook account. BUT, there's a catch this time. I have also deactivated my Twitter account!
I'm pretty sure they are all expecting me to activate it again in a few weeks time, but I won't. I have decided to let myself vanish from the realm of social networking.

It is still unknown if I decide to activate my account in a few years time, but for now? I will hibernate.

Honestly, I have no idea what the reasons behind these actions are. It was mostly an act on impulse. The thought of having a peaceful life, a life free of addictive but depressing habit of signing into social networks the minute I get on the internet was attracting. Before I let the idea of such a life being pushed away by my hesitations and thinking-overs, I quickly realised it.

No, it is not because of SPM or my studies. I do believe I have a talent of time-management. I can tell myself when to stop, I have control over my wants and obsessions.
Plus, I go to a boarding school so I believe these social networks won't have much effect on my studies.

It was being angry with myself that made me do it. I was mad at myself for wasting my precious time for something that equals to shit.
Social networks = shit

I'm sure even Albert Einstein would approve of this theory.
I'm proud of myself. I've done something a lot of teenagers aren't brave enough to do. I'm done with these things. I'm done with wasting my time waiting for a notification or for someone to retweet my tweet. I'm done sitting and staring at the screen doing absolutely NOTHING.

Farhana, I am proud of you.

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