Sunday, December 7, 2014

Acah independent

It has been about 3 months and 3 weeks that I've been here, at Ann Arbor, Michigan.
And sometimes, I still can't believe that I made it here. 

I have one week left till finals, and that would wrap up my one semester here. Time really flies, I feel like 2014 just started, but now 2015 is looming ahead.
And now that I look back on these 3 months, I realize just how much I've done... compared to the nothing that I did back in Malaysia.
I travelled to Chicago with my friends (albeit just Chicago, we still did travel all on our own), I went apple picking, I started working, I got my driver's license, I cooked for our housewarming with my friends, I cooked Indian food (something I never thought I'd ever do), I spent thanksgiving at a cabin and we cooked thanksgiving dinner together, I went skiing,  I actually finished 2 research papers all on my own.
And although all the things I did were really nothing out of the ordinary, I still feel like I've grown a lot, that I'm learning how to no longer depend on my parents to plan my life or make decisions for me.

And this is the best part of living on your own so far away from your family. I mean, I of course miss my family and friends back home like heck. But small things like cooking on your own, buying your own television, paying your own rent, heck even filling out your own forms and no longer depending on your parents to provide for you - all helped me grow to become more independent in life. Because the truth is, in life, you can't really depend on anyone. In the end, you're on your own. You live for yourself and no one else.

Anyway, pray that I get through finals with a sound mind. 

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