Friday, September 20, 2013

Lone Ranger

Lone; having no company.

Which probably describes me.

I am going through a hard time for some reason. It's not the incessant depression, but more of a... sadness when you sit down and reflect upon your life. 
I feel lonely. I have so many friends surrounding me in INTEC. But I just don't feel like I fit in anywhere. I'm just there; a nomad just wandering around the different cliques. As much as I hate to admit it, it makes me feel lonely. I don't feel a sense of belonging. 

Countless times have I wished to have my best friends with me; people to gravitate to.

It's hard to be someone who is socially awkward.
Not to mention the constant exhaustion and the flu I'm having; making me look snobbish and reclusive. 

I should just embrace my loneliness.


  1. I feel you , and maybe much worse .

    No bestfriends anywhere . Nowhere .

    But ...
    Remember - there must be reasons for you being apart from your bestfriends . Your loneliness shall remind you more of Allah . He wants you to remember Him more .

    Stay strong , Susu Basiiiiii (:

    1. Yeah true... I do feel a little distant from Him :(
      Thanks ad <3

  2. Hey there... i'm in a class full of girls and we are gonna spend time for more than two years together. Sometimes i still feel like i dont fit in, even though they are the most caring people i've met in my whole life. To me it isnt a problem being nomad. i just shows that you are friendly with everybody :) Adreena's right, maybe Allah wants us to remember Him more. hmmm a reminder for me as well. Good luck for INPRO hihi

    1. Oh wow, wait are you in Orlando?
      Thanks nad for those words :D
      You too, if you're joining :)

  3. Birds of a feather. Alone in a crowd. Hmm, I'm like.. nomad, as in being close to people doesn't mean I'm with them all the time. Or being with some people all the time doesn't necessarily mean we're "close". I'm never attached to a particular "clique" but I remember craving best friends in Form 3. Might be commitment issues? But people who connect exist, you found your dahlia :) and i find kindred spirits along the way, alhamdulillah.

    My sister's name is Dahlia. Random fact. It's also Sheherazade. And Aishah.
    PS: found your blog :p
    And this started as a short comment i swear!

    1. Hahahaha, I guess we're mostly like that :3
      Continue reading okay nadine haha,