Friday, July 12, 2013


2 weeks has passed since I entered INTEC, and I guess it's alright.
The hostel is better than I thought, much better than in TGB. Besides the abundance of cockroaches! I am not kidding, there are just so many cockroaches in my room. This one night, there were 4, I wasn't very happy with that, but I'll get used to it soon.

The campus is no Taylor's University Lakeside campus but it's alright, even though it looks like a school. There's a nice-looking library, which I guess makes up for the school-like appearance. The air-conditioning in my class is not working though, so it's currently extremely hot in the class.

I met new people, made new friends and stuff. But still, no one will ever be as fun as my 8 best friends. I sometimes walk alone, but well I'm used to it. It feels awkward sometimes... when I walk alone and everyone around me has a friend. But well, I guess I was born to be a loner lulz.
And well, it's better like that. If I keep hanging around my friends, they'll be annoyed with me cause I have this tendency to annoy people.

I'm not looking for sympathy, it's just the truth and I have acknowledged it. I used to get really upset when people told me I was annoying.. but now I guess I can do nothing but embrace it. No, I don't love that about myself and I do wish I was someone else with a great personality and shit and everyone likes them and stuff, but I can't really change who I am. I've tried... but it's just... me.

I'm rambling, forgive me.

Anyway, I really want to share this story.
It happened on Monday night. It involved my housemates (Shaffini, Fatini and Amira) and I.

I was going to go to the toilet, and stopped when I saw a cockroach right next to the toilet bowl. So, being me, I went all "aaa lipaaaas!". My roommates who were in the common room (or whatever you call it) looked at me and went "oh yeke?" 
I took the lipas killer and konon nak spray but I was too scared. After about 5 minutes I gathered up my courage and sprayed. And takde effect pun dekat lipas tu, it immediately ran around the toilet and on the toilet seat which got me even more creeped out cause it looked like it was going to fly.
That went on for 20 minutes (it was that long). I had the aerosol can in one hand and a gayung one hand. Simbah air then spray simbah air then spray. So then I decided to rest.
While my housemates were just sitting there in the common room, a roach suddenly crawled around my Fini's foot. Then we all freaked out. I was the tukang jerit of course. Amira took the spray and after 5 minutes of screaming and running around we finally sprayed the lipas (Amira sprayed, while I just looked). 
Initially, we thought that was the lipas from the toilet, but turned out it wasn't. So Amira went in the toilet and sprayed that lipas as well. They weren't dead though, they were merely confused and on their backs.

Then, we all went to rest in the common room again when Fatini came in. She asked us what we were doing so we told her the whole roach episode. She put down her stuff and went in the toilet, put on the slippers and stepped on the confused cockroach. She then took the slipper and hit the other cockroach.

I swear that was the first time I laughed so hard at INTEC. That night, two other cockroaches died at Tini's foot.