Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Of Candy Crush and CNBlue

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Due to the boredom that I face each and every single day of this loooonnnggg holiday, I have become quite obsessed with a few things, namely Candy Crush (I'm finally on level 96 now) and CNBlue.

So I am actually the type of person who rarely plays games. However, since people have been talking about Candy Crush a lot, I decided to download it, but I didn't play it lol. After horsey became obsessed with it, I tried playing the game. And last last I'm the one yang obsessed while he has moved on already.

If you have read one of my previous posts, you'd know that I became a kpop lover during the end of Form 3 and stopped sometime in Form 4. So I was sucked into the korean entertainment because of Innocent Man, however I stopped right after that. THEN, I started watching Running Man, THEN someone told me to watch We Got Married - YongSeo couple. AND THEN, I became a BOICE (a term which refers to a CNBlue fan)
And may I explain that CNBlue is completely different from the other KPop groups such as SuJu, SHINee and yatta yatta because CNBlue is a band and they are super talented (especially Yonghwa!!) and Imma stop talking about them now.

But lama lama, it got me thinking. All this obsession is pointless and it's taking me further from Allah and I should tone it down a little. Maybe liking it is fine, but I shouldn't spend every waking second playing Candy Crush and watching CNBlue because it won't help me in the hereafter.

What if I die tomorrow and the last thing I did was fangirl over CNBlue or get excited because I got to the next level of Candy Crush.


  1. Ahaha. I also become obsessed with games since i got a smartphone and then i realised that my stupidity level increase and yeah, it won't help me in pmr coming soon. nice post anw

  2. cn blue are smart kan?? haha.. me too, love cn blue.. ^^ their songs are great too...and yeah .. that candy crush.. got me easily addicted...