Monday, April 1, 2013


We met in Primary school, SK Bukit Rahman Putra. I knew your name and spoke to you sometimes but we barely knew each other. I thought she was 'sombong' and she thought I was 'sombong' haha.

In Form 1 when we were all shoved into the Rancangan Khas class, all 40-50 of us (I don't quite remember how many students there were), she sat in front of me next to Syafikah who I knew quite well since Syafikah and I were classmates in primary school. I bothered her and Syafikah often with my endless questions, always poking them with a pen. Then the RK class split into two. I was put in the same class as her along with Syafikah, Khairin, Nina, Fawwaz and Afiq and also the other classmates of course.

Syafikah, her and me sat in a row in class. And so began our close friendship. I remember being an annoying git back then. Oh God, just thinking about it makes me flush with utter embarrassment. I was extremely immature and tremendously hot-tempered. I threw things around and merajuk with everyone like hell. Mmmhmh, that's who I was. An attention seeking git. But they still didn't leave me alone. They were still my friends. Especially her. She texted me once trying to pujuk me. 

Form 2 was a better year for me in terms of my personality. I guess I learnt to control my anger, but I had many personal problems and acted inappropriately at times. Did stuff but still... they never left me. They were somehow still patient with me. Even though I called her in the middle of the night crying she was ever so patient with me. I honestly don't know how she stands me.

I sat next to her in the next year. We had to move to RK 1 along with Fawwaz while the others stayed in RK 2. She was so patient to me. We've never had any real, serious fights or arguments, but of course both of us must've felt annoyed with each other at some point. But well, I guess that's how friendship is,  you have to accept each other's weaknesses. I once accidentally threw water at her. I wanted to hit her with a water bottle but I didn't realise it wasn't closed so yes, she was drenched. I felt so guilty and I expected her to be mad at me and stop talking to me for a while but she didn't. I know she was a little annoyed but she didn't let it out on me. We told each other almost everything and I felt that she genuinely cared. We were quite inseparable during that year.

I sat next to her again in Form 4. We joined the same clubs. Had the same group of friends. But then we had to separate. When I received the news that I was offered to go to MRSM TGB, she cried. And went to the other side of the class to sit next to Fawwaz. It was.. sad.

But you know what, I knew for a fact that we weren't going to drift apart like some friendships do when they're far from each other. We were still close. 

And you know what, it's probably going to stay that way insha Allah till the day we die.
I have never met a friend like her. Someone who is so patient with me and is there for me all the time. 

When I was in MRSM, I had quite a hard time. I was at my lowest point. I had no confidence, I felt like everyone hated me, I was tense, it was maddening. But she was always there to reply my messages and tell me that she loves me and a lot of other people love me. And that I'm pretty. And I took comfort in the fact that I still have my friends back home who still love me no matter what. I become calm after talking to her.

To me, she's the prettiest girl I have ever met. Besides my mother that is.
She's loud and sometimes when she talks it's like she's shouting. She once brought perfume to the zoo because of the bad smell. She knows how to dress (which I have no talent at). Everyone who meets her will instantly like her. She's good at making friends and she's friendly which I am quite bad at since I'm quiet and kind of awkward. Nak kata ayu, nampak ayu tapi ya Allah kelam kabutnya dia. She used to melatah a lot but lately not much. She's quite girly and prefers not to play sports but honestly she could be good at it if she tried. When we walked together in school, people used to mock us because of how slow we walked. There have been so many times when we walked to the lab or from the lab, the whole class would be behind us waiting to pass until someone tells us to walk faster or not block the corridor. I remember when this cute junior walked by and she sang part of Justin Bieber's Never Let You Go "It's like an angel walked by...". 

It's like we fit. She completes me. (I sound like I'm writing a love story). 
But I'm serious. I could never ever forget her. She's like a sister to me. And you know how people find soulmates in other genders, I think I found mine and it's her. 
Please understand that I am nowhere close to being a lesbian....................
And I hope someday everyone will have a chance to meet a friend like this girl is to me.

I expressed my fears to her that I was scared she'll forget me when I go to USA to study (insha Allah), but she told me not to worry. And I really really hope this friendship will last because I don't think I can ever replace her.

(creds to Iman for the pics)

By the way, she's in PLKN right now, and I hope she's alright there. I have no worries for her about making friends, but I am worried that she won't be able to stand the activities considering how she is (but I know she'll survive). Please pray for this friend of mine and I hope she won't have to experience what Adreena did and I hope that she won't take off her socks and generally I'm just really worried about her. Haha. Please pray for her.

And also I feel quite lonely without her right now.


  1. "Please understand that I am nowhere close to being a lesbian."
    Hehe kelakar lah.
    And your friend is pretty :)

    1. HAHA, takut nanti orang have the wrong idea. She is kan :)

  2. Both of you are pretty.It seems like both of you are sibling :)