Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chemical Bonds

Some people believe that friendship is built over time. You spend time with someone, get to know that person and voila, a bond is created.
Some believe that friendship is built when 2 people have the same interests, the same aspirations, same ideas etc. etc. 
But usually, friendship is built when 2 people care for each other.

Friendship is not as easy as having a cup of coffee together. Friendship is when you get admitted to the hospital and the other comes as visit as fast as possible. Friendship is when you tease each other but you don't feel offended. Friendship is when you're both quiet and awkwardness doesn't fill the atmosphere.

Friendship is not easily found. And when it is, it should be cherished. Every little memory together should never be forgotten. 

Till now, I guess only a small part of me loves TGB. Mostly I just miss the people there.
I miss the people who've been there for me all the time. The people who hugged me when I cried. The people who teased me endlessly. The people who supported me through good and bad.

All these people make my heart ache with longing. Wanting them back in my life. 
I miss my classmates who brighten up my days with laughter and smiles. Though I wish they'd disappear sometimes, I am so lucky to have had them as classmates.
I miss my roommates who are like my sisters now. Yes, they bully me a lot but somehow I know deep inside that we do care a lot for each other. 
I miss Sarah, Najwa, Mia, Athirah, Syima, Alin, Dalilah, these random people I've gotten close with who made my life much easier.
I miss Adreena who wakes me up (almost) every morning and teases me but at the same time cares for me.
I miss Izzat Irfan and the way he makes me crack up. 
I miss the teachers who have taught me millions of things.

Yes, I long to be around them now. But now it's all over. I won't be having any of them back now. I could meet them up, sure. But it won't be the same. I could tell myself that I won't be losing any of them but deep in my heart, I know I'll be keeping in touch with only a handful of them. It's frustrating to think that many of the people we've bonded so much with will become merely acquaintances. 

After my last paper which was Accounts, my class and I went on a short holiday together in Malacca. We stayed a homestay which was Alhamdulillah, free since the owner was our History teacher (BILLIONS OF THANKS TO PN ZARINA BEGAM).
We ate together, cooked together, went to Wonderland, spent time at Pn. Zarina's house, played bowling together. It was honestly fun because I had my classmates with me. Their jokes crack me up. Though we bicker and tease a lot, we do love each other. And I'm guessing I'll love them for a long time. 

Thank you Allah, for letting me meet all these wonderful people. Thanks for putting me in TGB and letting me build a new identity. To be the muslimah I've always wanted to be (though I'm still far from perfect).
Thank you Allah.

And it's been a week since the last accounts paper. Sorry I'm a little late because ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY COMPOSE A BLOG POST. Here's a video for you and I'M IN IT!

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