Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Singin' the old songs

Assalamualaikum dearies. I just got home from a sleepover with ma homies. An event much awaited for, I think (at least for the four of us).
Seriously, we've been planning this sleepover since end of year of last year. We as in - Susu, Ana, Iman and Asma. Ya Allah, I've missed themmmmm and finally we got to spend time together, all 4 of us.

Unfortunately for us though, we didn't camwhore much. So there's only a few pictures. Farhanah brought her new polaroid and we had fun with that.
And we didn't even go out this time. Lagipun perempuan tak elok keluar LOL. So we just stayed at Iman's playing a board game and cooked :3

Isn't she pwetty, my best best best friend.

Konon ayu lah aku gelak macam ni.

I'm not really a cheesy person (I think), but... well I love these 3 people and I hope our friendship lasts till the day I die. I hope the sleepovers and the texting and the closeness of us won't end when we part for our own lives (though we already have parted). It's been a year and 3 months of being separated but still we're as close as ever.
OKAY DAH DAH, too cheesy. Au revoir darlings, those homeworks of mine are chanting my name.

Oh and I just feel like telling the world that I am VERY VERY annoyed with one of my classmates. He deserves a slap. Okay no, calm down Farhana.

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